LinkNet RACK-LN-WWD-600-12U Wall cabinet 12U

[RACK-LN-WWD-600-12U] LinkNet RACK-LN-WWD-600-12U Wall cabinet 12U

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    Wall cabinet 12U
    Black color
    Cabinet standard: ANS / EIA RS-310-D
    Installation for 19" EIA standard
    68kg static payload
    Set of 20 cage nuts: included

    LinkNet LN-WWD-600-12U 12U Wall Mount Cabinet

    • Welded construction  

    • Material: 2mm cold rolled steel 

    • Front door not included

    • Static payload: 68 kg

    • Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 12U

    • Wall installation: four holes

    • L-shaped brackets: included

    • Set of 20 cage nuts: included  

    • Side panel: quick release panel with lock  

    • Casters and level feet: not included

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