M0L0 powered by Tuya - Gas detector - Zigbee

[M0L0-HS1CG-TY] M0L0 powered by Tuya - Gas detector - Zigbee

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    Zigbee Gas detector with alarm. It requires a compatible Zigbee hub or gateway
    to work. It detects combustible gas with accurate, includes an acoustic and
    flash light alarm with 75 dB of audio power. Manageable remotely with M0L0's
    APP or with any Tuya Smart APP.


    ZigBee Combustible Gas Detector and Alarm


    • Standard ZigBee protocol, good compatibility
    • Anti interference from smoke and oil stain.
    • Can be regarded as zigbee repeater to extend wireless distance.
    • Elaborate auto calibration, make a strong consistency.
    • Adopts flame retardant engineering housing material.
    • Free tool installment, AC powered, plug in and use.
    • Replaceable plug, suitable for users from different countries.
    • Smart and fashion design, with appearance design patent.


    • Protocol: Zigbee.
    • Working Voltage: AC 100V~240V.
    • Average power supply: <1.5 W.
    • Sound Alarm: 75dB/1 m.
    • Alarm sensitivity: 6%LEL±3%LEL (natural gas).
    • Working environment:-10℃ ~ +50℃
    • Working humidity: ≤ 95%RH
    • Dimensions: 79*68*31 mm. (without plug).
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