M0L0 powered by Tuya - Natural gas detector - WiFi

[M0L0-GS01W] M0L0 powered by Tuya - Natural gas detector - WiFi

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    M0L0 WiFi Door and Window Sensor is also a battery powered reed sensor. It can
    monitor the opening of doors/windows. In addition, the module can be equipped
    with Siren, RGB Bulb etc. to set up a home security system.


    WiFi Smart Gas Leak Sensor

    Natural Gas sensor can sense gas that comes into the sensor chamber.When the gas detector detects a certaindensity of gas, the horn in the smoke detector will sound and in the meantime the detector send a notification report to mobile.


    • Model: M0L0-GS01W
    • Battery: AC85~265V
    • Alarm concentration: 3500PPM
    • Sound intensity: 105 dB
    • Gas detected: CH4
    • Wireless Type:2.4GHz
    • Product size(L*W*H): 123 x 78 x 40 mm.
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