M0L0 powered by Tuya - Smart Lock with fingerprint - WiFi

[M0L0-DL02W-R] M0L0 powered by Tuya - Smart Lock with fingerprint - WiFi

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    Smart WiFi Lock (open right) including fingerprint opening, as well as
    keyboard and RF card. It allows to provide remotely a key to open a room or
    apartment door.


    Smart WiFi Lock with fingerprint, keyboard and RF card reading

    M0L0 WiFi fingerprint door lock could control your lock anywhere on yoursmart phone, tablet, or internet connected device. Receive notifications when your loved ones arrive home safely.


    • Low battery Alarm

    • Support USB emergency charging port


    • Model: M0L0-DL02W-R
    • Sweden FPC (High quality material)
    • High speed identify speed <0.3 seconds (The others are 0.5-1 minutes)
    • Centralize management
    • Remote control to unlock for the visitors
    • Power: 4pcs AA batteries
    • Battery Life: 1 years (10 times/day)
    • Fingerprint unlock,password unlock,card unlock,key unlock and APP unlock
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