LENOVO All in One ThinkCentre M800z - Refurbished

[LEN-ThinkCentre-M800z-RFBb] LENOVO All in One ThinkCentre M800z - Refurbished

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    **Sleek, powerful and rugged all-in-one computer for increased productivity**


    Product condition: lightly used

    Usage: lightly used

    Upgrades: New SSD 480GB

    Accessories: Supplied with original or compatible accessories

    Product defects: With marks of use or visible flaws of less than 3 cm that do
    not affect its proper functioning

    Packaging: It can arrive either in its original packaging or in a neutral one.


    LENOVO ThinkCentre M800z All-in-One - Refurbished

    Key Features:

    • Space-saving design, 33% flatter than previous generation.
    • Wide viewing angle and anti-glare technology
    • Available in touch screen model
    • Energy efficient for cost savings
    • Tested to MIL-SPEC standard for durability


    21.5" display, touch optional

    The 21.5" Full HD display offers 1920 x 1080 resolution with 250 nits, so all your images and videos will look vibrant and sharp. Plus, the widescreen viewing angle and anti-glare technology will make images look just like real life. The Touch model features 10-point MultiTouch technology.


    Up to 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors

    Compact, lightweight, quiet and versatile. The new 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors deliver outstanding mobile performance and ultra-fast responsiveness. This feature-packed processor with integrated security is ready to take productivity, creativity and entertainment to the next level. And by enabling exciting Windows 10 features, 6th Gen Intel Core processors let you unleash your imagination and explore new possibilities.


    Up to Windows 10 Pro

    Windows 10 Pro is designed to empower you and your business. It allows you to take incredible actions across your devices securely with everyone, anywhere, anytime. It fits a wide range of budgets and is easy to use. So you can work faster right out of the box.


    Platform stability

    The M800z all-in-one desktop system has a 27-month life cycle with no hardware changes planned that could affect the preloaded software image. Image stability for long-term deployments helps reduce transition, qualification and testing costs to ensure savings for your business.


    Robust security

    The M800z all-in-one desktops include some of the best security tools available in the industry, such as the Secure Platform Module (TPM), which encrypts data and important information (such as passwords and digital certificates) to protect applications, electronic transactions and online communications. In addition, the M800z desktop system includes an intrusion detection switch in the chassis, which alerts you in the event of unauthorized access attempts. Physical security thanks to cable security lock and Absolute® Computrace® support.


    Advanced thermal design

    Our Intelligent Cooling Engine (ICE) is designed to compensate for thermal and acoustic characteristics, thus extending the lifespan of the desktop system. Two optimized settings allow you to choose the performance mode that best suits the working environment, prioritizing either temperature or noise level. In addition, the ICE engine enables operation at higher temperatures and facilitates system monitoring through temperature alerts that prevent overheating.


    Green leadership

    Lenovo's latest Desktop Power Manager allows you to monitor power consumption at the enterprise level, as well as control energy savings and keep costs to a minimum. And with ENERGY STAR 6.1 ratings and 92% energy efficiency with the 80+ Platinum PSU, you can be sure you're protecting the planet and your bottom line.


    Flexible design

    The M800z comes with a sleek, compact and minimalist transformer mount: perfect for the Touch models. Or you can use the VESA mount, which allows you to hang the PC on the wall. The M800z is also equipped with a handle, which is handy for moving it between offices or desks.


    Enterprise-level support

    Make your priority our priority. Skip basic troubleshooting support and go directly to qualified, advanced-level technicians to resolve issues faster, with incident tracking and management escalation. Add Priority Support to your purchase.


    Lenovo ThinkCentre M800z

    Tipo PC

    All In One


    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU@2.70GHz

    Memoria RAM

    8GB DDR4


    SSD 480GB (Nuevo)


    Windows 10 PRO

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