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[CMP-RAD-MNLT] DMA Soft Lab Radius Manager LIGHT

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    Licencia Radius Manager LIGHT


    Radius Manager billing system



    License level Max. number of registered users Max. number of NAS devices Card system & IAS Connection Tracking Module Cisco support
    LIGHT 200 10 No No No
    PRO 2000 50 Yes No No
    CTS 5000 100 Yes Yes No
    CS unlimited unlimited Yes Yes Yes





    Radius Manager is a easy to use administration system for Mikrotik (PPP and Hotspot), Cisco, StarOS and Chillispot NAS devices. It provides centralized authentication and accounting functions in a most comfortable way.


    Basic features:

    • User authenticatioN
    • Traffic accounting (download, upload, total, online time)
    • Prepaid and postpaid billing, invoicing
    • UNIX mailbox user synchronization
    • Tracking the payment
    • Financial reports
    • Prepaid card system and IAS
    • Online payment system

    Special features:

    • Connection Tracking System (CTS)
    • Self registration
    • Instant Access Services (IAS)
    • Support for online payment gateways
    • Account expiry control

    Key features:

    • Web interface: Easy to use and always available multi lingual WEB interface.
    • Fully separated code and design templates: You can easily adapt the GUI to fit your needs.
    • Compatibility: 100% compatible with FreeRADIUS RADIUS server and with Mikrotik router OS v 2.7 or newer.
    • MySQL database integration: uses a free MySQL database engine which is a part of every Linux system.
    • Account management: administrators can create, edit, delete user accounts (optionally UNIX accounts) via webforms.
    • Traffic statistics: You can easily track user's traffic on a yearly, monthly and daily basis.
    • Users Control Panel: users can track their traffic, used and remaining MegaBytes, online time, they can change their RADIUS and UNIX passwords, purchase credits online etc.
    • Online users list: detailed list of the connected users.
    • Find users easily: search for users by various criterias.
    • Tracking of payments: users and resellers can track the payments and create reports.
    • Tracking of connections: CTS module tracks user's source and destination IP addresses, ports, the used protocol, date and time...
    • Services: You can group your users using freely definable services.
    • Clear design: clear and logical graphical design helps You to handle thousands of users easily.
    • Accept payments online: accept Credit Cards online! Multiple payment gateways are available (PayPal,, Netcash, DPS Express Payments etc.).

    OS Compatibility

    Radius Manager requires a Linux server, equipped with Intel or compatible CPU. The system is fully tested on various Fedora 5+, Debian 4+, CentOS 5+, Ubuntu 7+ installations with Mikrotik Router OS 2.7-4.x. Radius Manager can be installed on almost every Linux system which meets the following conditions:

    PHP 5.1 or better
    MySQL 5 or better
    Glibc 2.4 or better

    OS recommendation:

    CentOS 5
    Fedora Core 8-12

    Hardware requirements:

    CPU 1.5 GHz+
    1 GB RAM
    80 GB HDD or more (fast disks, SATA or SCSI or RAID array)

    If your system doesn't have the correct version of components installed, You have to upgrade / install them before You continue to install the Radius Manager application.

    If You have a non standard Linux system, please contact us before the purchase (use the email form here). We will install a demo system on your host to be 100% sure it can work without any problems.

    License Purchase Procedure

    • Download and read the documents you will need for your Radius Manager installation
    1. Download the elements you will need for your Radius Manager installation
    2. Perform the complete installation and double check everything is working fine.
    3. Take note of the MAC address of the Ethernet port you will use as Radius Manager port (use "ifconfig" command to check it).
    4. Place the order of the license version you are interested in. In order to accelerate the license supply, use the Observations field to provide your MAC address.
    5. Once we get your order and payment, we will provide you the license and DMA SOFT will enrol you in its customer database. Please, be aware, licenses are provided during Landatel regular time

    Download: RadiusManager 4.2.0 (user manual included)




    Administration Control Panel (ACP)

    User name: admin
    Password: 1111

    User Control Panel (UCP)

    User name: user
    Password: 1111


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